Time & Venue
Time: 2014/9/26~28
Venue: National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
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Asian Association of
Indigenous and Cultural Psychology, AAICP
Department of Psychology, National Taiwan University
Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica
Department of Psychology,
National Chengchi University
Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling
National Taiwan Normal University
Graduate Institute of Counseling
Psychology and Rehabilitation Counseling,
National Kaohsiung Normal University
Asia University
Taiwan Guidance and Counseling Association
Foundation for the Advancement of Indigenous
Psychological Research Chinese Society
Committee for promoting Indigenous Psychology
World Council for Curriculum and Instruction
What's New
2014/06/14 Taiwan Guidance and Counseling Association annual conference submission deadline 7/31  
2014/05/06 Early bird registration ends at 6/30  
2014/05/06 Submission deadline extended to 5/31  
2014/03/25 Conference Theme update  
2014/03/14 Call for Papers: submission deadline 4/30  
2014/01/16 Guidelines for Registration & Submission  
2014/01/15 Guidelines for Oral & Poster Presentations  
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